Pizza Nights: Wood-Fired Pizza at the Farm

Pizza Nights: Wood-Fired Pizza at the Farm

Support Our Pizza Farm Vision!

We recently launched a Pizza Farm Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter to bring our vision to life. We set a goal of $33,000 and exceed it with your help. 

We will be hosting future weekly pizza nights at our farm for the community throughout the growing season (May–October). Every pizza sold will feature fresh-picked produce from our farm as well as meats and cheeses from other local producers.

The funds raised will help us build a pavilion around our existing pizza oven that will include a licensed commercial kitchen so we can serve food to the public; space to host workshops, farm-to-table dinners, retreats and other community events; and a much improved wash/pack area to wash and store the vegetables we grow.

As part of our greater commitment to support our fellow farmers and grow our local food economy, our vision also includes a farm store stocked with 100% local products!

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We are still welcoming contributions to our future Pizza Farm, as every cent counts to making our pizza dreams come true!  Donations can be made through Venmo. Just search for @fairhavenfarm and be sure to add 'Pizza Farm' in your notes!

What the Heck is a Pizza Farm?

Let us set the scene for you…imagine gathering at the farm on a summer night with your family and friends for a unique outdoor dining experience. Take in the scenery, stroll through the vegetable field, and enjoy freshly-prepared pizzas from our wood-fired oven.

We’re following in the footsteps of many successful pizza farm entrepreneurs in the Midwest. This is a way for our small-scale farm to increase revenue AND build community by creating a value-added enterprise where we share with you the best our farm has to offer. Great food, an amazing experience, and gathering around life giving local-food!

That, my friends, is a ‘Pizza Farm’, and that’s the experience we want to create at our farm and bring to our community.