Pizza Nights at the Farm

Local, Farm-Fresh & Wood-Fired

Gather. Nourish. Inspire.

Sharing food with the community has always been at the heart of our farm vision. All the while, we’ve been working beyond just growing good food, toward growing our community. We believe nothing brings people together more than growing, preparing, and sharing good food, grown right... that my friends, is what we're creating here at Fairhaven on Pizza Nights!

Gather at the farm on a summer night with your family and friends for a truly unique outdoor dining experience. Take in the scenery, stroll through the vegetable field, and enjoy freshly-prepared pizzas from our wood-fired oven.


Grab a slice of the good life!

Hours of operation: 4–8 PM Fridays (June–September)

Every Friday night June–September we invite you to visit our farm to enjoy farm-fresh, wood-fired pizzas made with local ingredients grown on our farm and sourced from other local producers.

Let us set the scene for you… Imagine gathering at the farm on a summer night with your family and friends for a truly unique outdoor dining experience. Take in the scenery, stroll through the vegetable field, and enjoy freshly-prepared pizzas from our wood-fired oven paired with your favorite local brew. This, my friends, is what we call a Pizza Night!


Book your reservation!

We ask that you reserve a time slot to attend a Pizza Night at the farm. Your reservation will help us determine how many guests to expect on any given Pizza Night so we know how much dough to prepare. This system also allows us to stagger orders so no one has to wait very long for their pizza! Keep in mind, your reservation is for the number of pizza-eating attendees, not the number of pizzas you plan to order.


What to expect:

When you arrive you'll be able to place your order, purchase beverages, and sides to enjoy while your pizza is prepared in our wood-fired oven. You're welcome to come early and stroll through the gardens, but please be mindful of the time slot you selected, and place your pizza order during that timeframe to help with the flow of service. Then gather around, sit back and enjoy the farm, and connect with friends old and new!


What we offer:

We will be serving 10" pizzas, salads and beverages à la carte from our food-service pizza trailer. You'll be able to determine how many pizzas you'd like to order when you arrive.



We offer a range of prices with the average price for a pizza is around $16 for a 10" pizza. Salads and sides are between $8–$12.

What to bring:

We will have tables and chairs available under our event tent, but it is a good idea to bring your own camp chairs or picnic blankets to find another spot to dine, in case the seating under the tent is full.

Since you'll be dining outdoors, be prepared for the elements and dress in comfortable, farm-appropriate clothing. If you are coming from Duluth, be mindful of the fact that it is typically warmer up here than it is down by the lake. We recommend wearing layers so you can adjust accordingly.

You may also want to bring sun protection, sunscreen, sun hats, umbrellas, and bug repellent.

Bring your friends! The more the merrier! Just let them know to use our reservation system on our website so we can get an accurate head count.

What not to bring:

No dogs, please. We have a strict no pet policy. Don't get us wrong, we love those furry friends, but because we are a working farm, we cannot have dogs or other pets on our property. We make exceptions for service animals on leashes, and of course our resident farm dog, Bonus. Thanks for understanding and adhering to this policy!

No outside beverages. We will have a selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages available for purchase during Pizza Night.